About Us

About Our Team and Service

Our Camera-person:

  • Formal education in Film and Broadcasting.
  • Years of professional experience to ensure excellent composition, creative camerawork, proper video exposure and higher fidelity sound
  • Appropriately attired for your event
  • Documents your day discreetly, professionally, and creatively
  • We do not pose people like a photographer, only capturing natural and candid images.Traditional posed images should be done by your wedding photographer.For a great wedding photographer who also serves the Chicagoland Area, click here.

Video/Sound Equipment:

  • Our Professional Sony Digital Recording 1/3 inch 3-Chip chip digital HD cameras are rated the best in low light to capture color.
  • We do not use older “first generation” digital cameras, only the newest technology.
  • We shoot with  high definition cameras that also be used to create beautiful color photos. These photos can be printed as large as 5×7. A 2-hour video contains over 230,000 individual still images.
  • Multiple Wireless Microphones recorded on different audio channels enable the videographer to get better sound recording of not only the vows but also the readings and music during your ceremony.
  • Indirect and discreet lighting combined with digital low-light cameras ensures the best images
  • Back-up camera and lighting.

Our Editing:

  • The owners of Milestone Video are skilled editors who use tasteful special effects that enhance your video without masking it.
  • True digital multi-speed and slow-motion can expand a magical moment in time.
  • Editors mix both existing sound and your supplied music so that you hear both the added music and the voices of the people.
  • The selective color effect can keep the flowers in natural color while the rest of the moving video is in black and white. This effect can work with moving video as well as video stills.