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Price List – Industrial and Broadcast

Pricing is for Broadcast and Industrial programs only

Shooting Rates: editing costs not included (editing prices listed below)

Full Day

  • 8 hours or less (including set up and breakdown): $800 weekdays only

Half Day

  • 4 hours or less (including set up and breakdown) ( 3 lights used): $500 weekdays only
  • includes 3-Chip Digital Recording, Cannon, Sony or JVC Digital DV Camera ( DV cameras deliver better resolution and gets better final picture quality than Betacam SP, Super VHS 3/4 Umatic SP, Hi-8, E.D. Beta or any other analog video format).

Full day rates also includes:

  • Expert Camera operator with film degree and years of experience
  • 5.6 inch 400 line LCD Color video monitor mounted on the tripod to check work in the field
  • 3 Telex wireless microphones & a 4 channel stereo mixer all mounted neatly on the tripod
  • Shotgun Microphone and fish pole (Sennheiser 816 is the industry standard and was used in “Star Wars” and many other feature films since the 1960’s when the microphone was developed)
  • Sony V6 professional headphones for expert on site audio monitoring
  • 71/2 foot fluid head tripod with leveling bowl
  • Rolling dolly for the above tripod has 6 inch rubber wheels and can do decent camera moves on hard flooring
  • 4 lithium ion batteries for the camera mentioned above along with charger and power supply
  • 75 Watt “sun gun” battery powered camera Light along with 4, 20 minute batteries for the light.
  • 1 Mole Richardson 750 watt softlight( Mole Richardson lights are used extensively in the feature film industry)
  • 2 Mole Richardson 650 watt spotlights with barn doors
  • 1 Lowell V light 500 watt with reflective umbrella ( used as a compact fill light)
  • 2 Lowell Pro lights 250 watt (used as an on camera spotlight or as a backlight
  • 4 light stands ranging from 9 feet to 20 feet
  • Various colored jells, scrims,filters and flags for light control

Optional Services:

Additional 3-chip digital recording camera at shoot: $300

Additional Lighting: $200 per day (used when requested by client.)

  • 2, 650 watt “Chimeras” four foot by four foot. soft box lighting instruments (gives shadowless lighting)
  • 1, 1,000 watt “Chimera” Six foot by four foot soft box (puts out 6 foot wide wall of diffused light).
  • 2 additional 650 watt spotlights with barn doors
  • 2 additional 9 foot light stands
  • 2 additional 12 foot stands with caster wheels
  • 1 Mole Richardson “inky” 250 watt mini Backlight.
  • Various additional Lowell lights, umbrellas, mounts & grips.

Western Dolly & Mini Camera Crane$300 per day includes:

  • Heavy duty American cinema products Western Camera Dolly with 13 inch pneumatic damped wheels (gets smooth film style tracking shots on most any flat surface)
  • 9 foot camera crane with remote control of tilt while camera is moving vertically.
  • Can attain a camera height of 16 feet and can bring camera to low angle smoothly, in a second with no camera bounce.

Steadicam SK2 stabilizer device: $400 per day includes

  • Support vest, spring arm and camera mounted Sled. This device gets smooth shots that give any production that “big budget Hollywood” look. A similar device was used in “The Shining” and “Rocky”

TelePrompTer: electronic cue cards: $400 per day

  • We have a 14” teleprompter which allows a script to be seen superimposed over the camera lens so that the talent appears to be looking at the camera lens but is actually reading the script off a mirrored display in front of the camera. Word documents can be imported into the computer that runs the teleprompter.

Editing Rates:

Canopus Rex Edit Non-Linear editing system with 3D effects, Real time effects and Lossless digital compression: $110 per hour with client being present at edit: $90 per hour with client not present at edit

Non- linear editing allows the editor to move clips around as quickly as a word processor edits text.

This fully digital editing system features

  • lossless picture quality. It uses the “firewire” IEEE 1394 digital interface and native DV compression so edited footage looks the same as the footage from the camera(DV & DVcam Footage).
  • Our Rex edit system does special effects in real time. This means that other less high tech systems must “render” it’s special effects. The editor and the client must wait for the computer to create the special effect. This is a pain because you can see the project unfold with all the effects in place.

The Real time Effects include:

  • Digital transitions, wipes, titles & fades
  • Audio Mixer
  • 3 picture in picture windows
  • Chroma Key (putting someone in front of other video that was shot at a different time)
  • Luma Key
  • Parametric and graphic audio equalizer with panpot capability (4 audio channels out)
  • Alpha wipes (transitions that come in thousands of shapes)
  • Moving animated wipes
  • Color Correction and effect filters(with waveform Monitor and vectorscope)
  • 10 independently moveable graphic tracks each with its own digital transitions (no other system for under $100,000 has as many real time graphic tracks).

3D Rendered Effects include:

  • Boris effects(300 in all also customizable)
  • Xplode 3D effects 500 in all(Fast rendering if 3 to 1 ) includes 3D objects such as Basketball, Earth or Beach Ball etc. for “Home Improvement” style high end transitions.
  • Xplode effects can be customized and stored for later use

Edit Time includes:

  • Expert experienced editor operator.
  • Sony DV/DVcam editing source and record Digital VCR with “firewire interface” for lightning fast batch capture.
  • Sony 3-chip digital camera on vertical copy stand for scanning printed media
  • also copy stand is equipped with “motion picture maker” Motion control platform to slowly move photos. photos may be scanned while moving slowly.

*Note: prices are subject to change without notice.

Digital tape stock is additional.